2020 Early Bird Drawings

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Week Number



Week 12

30-quart wheeled K2 Cooler

Arthur E. Coward, Jr.

Week 11

Pair of CCA Edition Marucci Sunglasses

Paul Peacock

Week 10

PowerTech! Propeller

John Thomas Lavarine, III

Week 9

Marucci Tackle Bag and Fish Whacker

Angelique Torres

Week 8

CCA Edition Waterloo Spinning Rod

Delaney Madere

Week 7

Pair of CCA Edition Marucci Sunglasses

William Hoare

Week 6

20-quart K2 Cooler

Jason Mangiaracina

Week 5

PowerTech! Propeller

Ralph Gueho

Week 4

Marucci Cooler Bag and CCA Edition Marucci Sunglasses

Francis C. Richard

Week 3

CCA Edition Waterloo Baitcasting Rod

Scott Rasbeary

Week 2

70-quart K2 Coolers

Bruce Montesanto

Week 1


One-day inshore fishing trip with guide of your choice

Genevieve Fontenot