When does STAR begin?
The 2021 STAR Tournament begins at 12:01 a.m. on Saturday, May 29, 2021 and lasts until 5 p.m. on Monday, September 6, 2021.

Can I fish without my current membership card?
Yes. If you are entered into the 2021 tournament and your membership is current, you are eligible to fish the tournament and do not have to show your card to weigh in a fish.  We are happy to verify your eligibility at the CCA office.  No weigh station will require proof of your entry at the time of weigh in, just a proof of identification such as a valid drivers license or ID.

Is my STAR entry valid by just entering the tournament?
No. You must join CCA or be a current member of CCA to fish the tournament.  It is the entrant’s responsibility to make sure that their membership is current throughout the tournament.

Can I win in more than one category?
No.  When you fill out the weigh-in form, you must declare what category you are entering.  In the case of the Speckled Trout Division, there are 4 categories:  West, Southwest, Southeast and East. You must declare the area of your catch. If you happen to lead two divisions, you will have to choose one prize.

Can I help my younger children?
Yes. You can bait and cast, but the child must hook & reel in the catch. The adult can then help net the fish at the boat or shore.

If I have received money for guiding can I enter the tournament?
No. Guides are excluded from participating in the tournament but their families and clients are encouraged to participate. There is a captain’s division where you can win along with your clients.

Do I have to have a State Fishing License?
Yes. We require that you follow all rules and regulations of the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries.

Where do I weigh in my fish?
You can weigh in a fish at any of our 29 official weigh stations along the entire coast of Louisiana. Your fish, however, will be categorized in the appropriate division based upon where it is caught, not the weigh station location.

Is there a time limit to weigh in the fish?
Yes. Your fish must be weighed in within 24 hours of the catch. Offshore species are allotted 72 hours. This is noted on your official weigh-in form and is verified by polygraph.

What do I do if I catch a tagged redfish?
Make sure that you do not remove the tag.  Head for the nearest weigh station to turn it in and fill out a weigh-in form.  The weigh station may retain the fish.  Call the number listed on the tag or Rad Trascher at (225) 939-3764, immediately to report your catch and arrangements will be made.

What condition of my fish is acceptable for weigh-in?
Your fish cannot be frozen, spoiled, gutted, altered or mutilated.

What regulations do I follow for Red Snapper?
The Red Snapper Division of the STAR tournament will remain open during the tournament as long as the federal for hire season and the season set for private anglers by Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries is open. This season is subject to close before the end of the tournament. All fish entered in this division must be caught while abiding by the regulations set forth by the Gulf Council and the State of Louisiana where applicable and based on time and location of catch. 

THE 2021 LOUISIANA RED SNAPPER SEASON:The 2021 private recreational red snapper season will begin on Friday, May 28 in both state and federal waters. The season will run weekends only (Friday, Saturday, and Sunday) with a daily bag limit of two fish per person and a 16-inch total length minimum size limit.  The open season will also include the Monday of Memorial Day and the Monday of Labor Day. For more information, click here.

What is considered a fly for the fly fishing division?
Fly division participants most follow the guidelines set forth for fly fishing by IGFA. See tournament rules for description and link to IGFA rules.

What is eligible in the bank fishing division?
The intention of the division is to give anglers without access to any type of watercraft, the ability to win. Fish caught from a publicly accessible road, dock, pier or beach that was accessed by foot or automobile only are eligible. Private piers as well as areas only accessible to private landowners are ineligible. You cannot take any type of watercraft or plane to access fishing locations.

Is there a requirement on how the fish are caught?
Yes, all entrants must be caught on conventional hook and tackle (no electric reels) by the angler entering the fish.

What if my child catches a tagged red?
All youth participants are eligible to win any division of STAR.

If I work for a STAR Tournament sponsor am I eligible to fish?


Where can I sign up?
At all Weigh Stations or register online at

When will I receive my membership card?
It can take up to 6 weeks to receive your card due to the overwhelming response in a short time frame. If you register online, you can now print your membership card at home until your card comes in from the national office.
NOTE:  You do not have to have your card to fish, weigh-in or win the tournament.

Do I have to be a member of CCA to fish the tournament?
Yes. You must be a current member of CCA, throughout the tournament, in order to be eligible to fish the tournament.