Weigh Stations

  • All winning fish (except tagged redfish and youth division) will be determined by weight.
  • Only weights indicated by the digital graduations on the scale will be accepted. Visual fractionalizing of these graduations is not allowed.
  • If a tie occurs, the fish weighed in first will be declared the winner. If weigh-in times are identical, the participant who registered for the Tournament first will be declared the winner.
  • All fish entered into the competition must have been caught by the participant and must be weighed, or for tagged redfish, presented at a designated official STAR weigh station, as soon as practicable after landing and in no event more than 24 hours after landing. *Only tuna, cobia, red snapper, and mangrove snapper will be allowed seventy-two (72) hours to weigh after landing
  • All fish entered will be weighed only once at an official STAR weigh station (and one weigh station only).
  • Participants wishing to enter a fish in the Tournament must complete and sign the official STAR weigh form at the weigh-in. The participant will only need to present his or her proof of identity (driver’s license or identification card).
  • No fish will be weighed or entered without the participant signing the official STAR weigh form. No frozen, spoiled, gutted, altered, or mutilated fish will be eligible for entry. Tuna may only be weighed at the following certified tuna weigh stations
    • Don’s Boat Landing (Erath)
    • Coco Marina (Cocodrie)
    • Grand Isle Marina (Grand Isle)
    • Cypress Cove Marina (Venice)
    • Port Fourchon Marina (Fourchon)


Displaying 28 Weighing Stations

Bowie Outfitters

Lake Charles
(337) 240-5387

Calcasieu Point Landing

Lake Charles
(337) 479-1536

Pecan Island Food Store

Pecan Island
(337) 737-2396

Gulfway Sporting Goods

(337) 643-8816

Don’s Boat Landing

(337) 937-5070

(Weighs Tuna)


(337) 365-4235

Ivy’s Tackle Box

Morgan City
(985) 384-2070

Eschete’s Seafood

(985) 226-4143

Coco Marina

(985) 594-6626

(Weighs Tuna)

T-Irv’s Marina

(985) 563-4295

Port Fourchon Marina

(985) 396-2792

(Weighs Tuna)

Bridgeside Marina

Grand Isle
(985) 787-2418

Grand Isle Marina

Grand Isle
(985) 787-2500

(Weighs Tuna)

Joe’s Landing

(504) 689-4304

Myrtle Grove Marina

Port Sulphur
(504) 656-2267

Cypress Cove Marina

(504) 534-9289

(Weighs Tuna)

Venice Marina

(504) 534-9357

Campo’s Marina

(504) 239-6377

SeaBrook Harbor & Marine

New Orleans
(504) 283-9801

Schubert’s Marine

New Orleans
(504) 282-8136

Puglia’s Sporting Goods

(504) 837-0291


(504) 455-8636

Marsh and Bayou Outfitters

(985) 869-7335

Bayou STUF

(985) 218-9277

Rigolets Bait and Seafood

(985) 641-8088

Lake Catherine Island Marina

New Orleans
(504) 662-5741

Spicer-Hughes Marina & Motel

(337) 762-3170

Doiron’s Landing

Morgan City
(985) 384-2047